• Sixth Sector Industrialization
  • Sixth Sector Industrialization
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Sixth Sector Industrialization


What is Sixth Sector Industrialization?

Sixth Sector Industrialization is business activities where farms, forestry and fisheries go beyond production and add value to their business by integrating processing and distributing of their products.

Our group company Agricultural Production Corporation Tamana Goyo uses its vast farming land to produce pumpkin, onion, cabbage, eggplant and other vegetables and fruits.

Using favorable location to cultivate high quality agricultural produce

立地好条件による、高品質の農産物を栽培Our farmland and factory are located in Tamana City of Kumamoto Prefecture which is one of the most richest farmland in Japan. Also being at the center of Kyushu Region allows us to procure fresh produce from group farms and contract farmers from around Kyushu region and provide efficient processing and production.

Goyo Group’s new “Food Business”

グループ全体で取り組む新しい「食産業」We are dedicated to creating a new “food business” by combining the different businesses of Goyo group such as agricultural production, processing of agricultural produce, distribution and product development using processed produce. 。