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Soft Food Division

Society is aging at a rapid speed. We want those with weaker chewing and swallowing capability to continue enjoying eating. This is our thoughts behind our product development.

  • Enjoying eating is enjoying life

    We are quickly facing an aging society. It can become difficult to chew and swallow with age and this an make one of the pleasures of life, “eating”, difficult.

    We are dedicated to developing our soft food because we think that “enjoying eating is enjoying life” and we want everybody to enjoy eating delicious food throughout their life

  • We value the voice of our customers and their caregivers

    Our soft food is developed mainly for those with weakened chewing and swallowing capabilities. Our soft food products include strong flavored moussed dishes, soft ingredients with savor of the original vegetable remaining and slightly soft food that is closer to regular diet food.
    We value the voice of “those who eat” and their “caregivers” during our development stage. We not only consider “softness”, “ease of swallowing” and “ease of handling” when we develop our products, but we also consider “flavor”, “scent” and “variation” as essential aspects for our customers.

  • Helping to bring more smiles

    Being healthy mentally and physically and living happily in a comfortable environment is referred to as QOL (quality of life).
    Through our food products, we are committed to helping improve the QOL of and bring more smiles to families including the elderly and their caregivers.

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