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Message from CEO

In June of 2014 we merged “Fundodai” with 145 years history as soy sauce and miso maker and “Goyo Foods” which drives Sixth Sector Industrialization and soft food for the elderly and founded “Fundodai Goyo”.

Both companies are rooted in Kumamoto, and we continue to base our business activities in Kumamoto and expand our business from Kumamoto.

We will expand our business operations to contribute to the society and the local region through food from Kumamoto with three main pillars, seasoning business centered around soy sauce and miso, soft food business of moussed dishes and pickles and Sixth Sector Industrialization centered around northern area of Kumamoto.

We will revitalize our product development of our seasoning business of soy sauce, miso and dressing, and gain share in the shrinking seasoning market.

Regarding our soft food business centered around moussed dishes, we will improve product lineup and pursue delicious taste for the elderly to savor and enjoy.

Moreover, regarding our Sixth Sector Industrialization business, we will combine food and agriculture and provide safe and trustworthy food and agricultural produce.

Our business scheme, especially soft food and Sixth Sector Industrialization is of high interest to many within and from outside of Japan. We appreciate your kind support so that we can meet the expectations and contribute to the society and the region.


Fundodai Goyo inc.
CEO Akitaka Mizutani