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Soy Sauce and Miso Division

Leveraging over 140 years of solid know-how revolving around “soy sauce” and “miso” which can be said are the roots of Japanese cuisine, we develop original seasoning products that meet the various needs of the time.

  • Familiar taste, but always new

    We are dedicated to meet the “taste” and “quality” demands of the time.
    We closely study the changing preference and lifestyle to create “tastes” that meets the needs of the time.

    Our company started with the production of basic seasoning of soy sauce and miso and then used them as a base to expand our products to include processed seasoning, like dressing and sauce, and ready-made dishes.

    Using ingredients from Kumamoto, we are committed to create foods that are safe and trustworthy.

  • Creating “tastes” that meet the needs of the time

    We develop our original products by leveraging our historical fermentation and processing technology to create delicious “taste”.

    New product development is realized by prototyping and test cooking, proposal of new menus, development of products with partner companies using our original prototyping and cooking facilities.

  • Expanding to serve the tables of the world

    Our products have been cherished by our region and now we will expand our reach not only to the other areas of Japan but also the other areas of the world.

    We currently have a China presiding company in Shanghai and plan to expand further to in China, and other areas in Asia such as Hong Kong and Singapore and play a role in expanding Japanese cuisine globally.

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