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Other Seasoning

Other seasoning that are necessities at the our everyday table such as “dashi” broth and dressing.

  • Nimono Sauce
    (simmered dish

  • Shiro Dashi
    (Seaweed and bonito flake broth with light soy sauce)

  • Fermented Mirin
    (Sweet Cooking Rice Wine)

  • Cooking Sake

  • White Sesame Onion Dressing

  • Amakusa Carpaccio Dressing

  • Aso Basil Dressing

  • Olive Oil Sesame Dressing

  • Yuzu Ponzu
    (Soy Sauce and Citrus Sauce Mix)

  • Sunomono (vinegared dishes) Vinegar

  • Sushi Vinegar

  • Bonito Sauce

  • Miso with Sesame

  • Miso with Vinegar series

  • Pot Dish Broth Mix series

  • Grain Yuzu Pepper

  • Ready Made Horse Gut Stewed in Miso